Good Gut Pasta

Good Gut Pasta (low FODMAP) now available

Good Gut Pasta has been specially formulated for people who do not tolerate wheat pasta – those who have IBS or suffer from bloating after eating too much wheat. Made from Australian Sunrice flour and fresh eggs, Good Gut Pasta looks, cooks and tastes for all the world like wheat pasta (and a billion times better than gluten free) but without the resulting pain and bloating.

Because the Good Gut Group has chosen only Australian ingredients, no additives or preservatives and entrusted the production to a traditional, family-owned pasta manufacturing company, Good Gut Pasta costs a bit more than your regular garden-variety pasta from the supermarket. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and in this case – delivered to your door.

You can easily feed a family of four with each packet for about $10. Add one of the low FODMAP sauces (in our next blog) and the whole family, and their tummies will be happy and healthy. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE …

Good Gut Pasta not only suits those looking for lower wheat intake, but weight and health conscious pasta-lovers too. Good Gut Pasta is 25% lower in carbs and 25% higher in protein than regular pasta, making it a great alternative for a lower carb, higher protein diet.

To purchase Good Gut Pasta, you can order online now.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – November 2016

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  1. HV

    Pasta looks great, and it’s fantastic to see that low FODMAP is now becoming more mainstream, enough for companies to focus on producing low FODMAP products. Good stuff!

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