I am super excited to be conducting a low FODMAP ‘cookshop’ at Bent on Food cookery school in Wingham on Saturday 2nd April. Why am I so excited? Well firstly, Bent on Food cookery school brings back some great memories for me as I have facilitated so many memorable cooking workshops and courses there before. I enjoy seeing participants grow in confidence over the course of the day, enjoying the process of preparing and then sharing a meal together. It is amazing to see how participation in the preparation and cooking helps everyone to just feel more comfortable and confident. I am also excited because I have a group of dietitian colleagues who have offered to help on the day, all of whom love food, love cooking and know their FODMAPs!

In the FODMAP cookshop I will be sharing my FODMAP cooking secrets, especially those that relate to food preparation and cooking. If you have been struggling to avoid onions and garlic, I have some tips that will help bring out those flavours. If you have been missing wheat bread and pasta, we will be sharing our very own Good Gut Group bread and pasta. I have a new cracker recipe that I am excited to share, because the crackers are so good, not just good for a low FODMAP cracker, but just so good to eat, especially with some low FODMAP dip!

We will make a range of recipes that span the day from breakfast through to after dinner snacks, and everything in between. The menu will be finalised soon, so if there are foods that you miss and want to be sure we make a low FODMAP alternative at the FODMAP cookshop, drop me a message to let me know.

To sign up for the FODMAP cookshop on Saturday April 2, 2016 at Bent on Food Cookery School in Wingham, book in here or find out more from Kerith.

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