High FODMAP foods

About a month ago, a client asked me about the FODMAP content of Yacon (Earth Apple), which his wife had brought home with the groceries. Yacon is a root vegetable similar to sweet potato and my client wanted to try it. I explained that Yacon had not been FODMAP tested, but that it could be high in the “O” FODMAP (Oligosaccaride).

Before I had a chance to explain how to test out tolerance for foods with unknown FODMAP content, my client sent me a message exclaiming “Yacon might be Earth Apple but it is Satan’s vegetable for IBS”. I assume he exceeded his threshold and ended up suffering IBS symptoms. If he had checked how to introduce a food that has not been tested (or tolerance for known high FODMAP foods), here’s what I would have told him:

1. Have a few days of safe, low FODMAP eating so you know for sure that any symptoms relate only to this new food addition
2. Have a quarter or half of what you consider to be a regular serve of the test food
3. If you react, then next time you test it, halve the amount
4. If you don’t react, then next time double the test amount
5. Continue until you find your “FODMAP threshold” for that food or are eating your normal portion of that food
6. Repeat with other foods that you would like to reintroduce to your diet (no point doing it for those you don’t eat anyway)
7. Gradually test more foods using a similar approach
8. Remember that adding more than one high FODMAP food to a meal does increase the chance of symptoms so if you react a little to two different foods, don’t eat them together
9. Use this approach until you achieve your overall FODMAP threshold, whereby your diet is as high in FODMAPs as possible, while you remain relatively symptom free
10. Find a dietitian who is experienced in working with the FODMAP diet approach or contact me directly in order to obtain all the assistance you need to find your FODMAP threshold.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – September 2015

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