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FODMAP finder

The collision of two unrelated thought process in my head one morning led to a revelation that has led to this blog post. The first is that I am a big fan of the beanhunter app. The second is that a lot of my clients who suffer from IBS have a lot of difficulty finding suitable food when eating out.

As a “one-good-coffee-a-day” type of person (to me the second is just never quite as good) it is very important to me that my coffee is a good one, and when I am in unfamiliar places, beanhunter helps me find the best coffee. For those unaware of beanhunter, it is an app that allows you to find coffee that has been rated by users in your current or planned location. You can add your own rating and comments about coffee at various places where you have been, adding to the database of information about each café.

Applying this concept to the issue of IBS sufferers having difficulty finding suitable places to eat out, I wondered if it would be possible to apply beanhunter principles to finding FODMAP friendly places to dine out. Rather than developing a whole app (yet) I am suggesting that when FODMAPers find a place to eat out they could use the hashtag #FODMAPfinder to let others know via twitter or Facebook. It could be used to identify locations if used in combination with the place name hashtag, and it could also be used to share ideas for low FODMAP eating out. I am hoping to see a growing number of restaurants and cafes with low FODMAP options around the world shared via #FODMAPfinder – I am sure you can think of a few to add right now!

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – November 2015

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