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This week Gut Feelings launched ‘FODMAP swAPP’ a revolutionary health app that provides real food alternatives for people following a low FODMAP diet.

Unless you are a scientist, dietitian or chef it is particularly difficult to know what high FODMAP foods can be matched by flavour, texture, food group, season and intended use with low FODMAP foods. FODMAP swAPP was developed because I wanted my clients to feel empowered and understand what foods they can eat, rather than focusing on the foods they can’t eat. Over the years I have listened to my clients’ frustrations following a low FODMAP diet.  Many admitted they felt the diet was restrictive and boring. They understood what high FODMAP foods they had to avoid, but they didn’t know what high FODMAP foods could be swapped for low FODMAP foods. They craved their favourite flavours and meals, but didn’t know how to recreate the taste.

FODMAP swAPP gives people following a low FODMAP diet the tools to take control of their diet and find real alternatives to their favourite food. The app uses everyday quantities of foods based on standard serving sizes for most food groups.

The app is divided into 11 food categories and will quickly become the food Bible for IBS sufferers. You can select foods under ‘Foods I would like to eat’, and immediately a clear picture and description of an alternate food is identified under, ‘This is what I can eat instead’.

With very clear and simple instructions FODMAP swAPP literally swaps hundreds of high FODMAP foods with genuine low FODMAP food alternatives. Suggestions include using garlic infused oil instead of whole garlic, celery or fennel instead of onions, grapes and raspberries instead of cherries and small amounts of well drained chick peas to replace baked beans.

FODMAP swAPP should be used in conjunction with dietary advice from an accredited or registered dietitian or in conjunction with one of Gut Feelings IBS dietary treatment programs.

FODMAP swAPP is available at Amazon, Google Play and on the App Store.

To access your app click here or at any of the following places.

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Log on to FODMAP swAPP every time you go shopping and enjoy a whole new world of beautiful low FODMAP foods at your fingertips.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – June 2015

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