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Jain Food

On a recent trip to Indonesia a client of mine discovered a way to get low FODMAP foods. He was talking to a “doctor” about not eating wheat, onion or garlic and the “doctor” asked if he was “Jain”. Apparently the Jain religion do not eat onions, garlic (or other foods grown below the ground) and also don’t eat honey. There is very little wheat or dairy in the diet naturally. So if you are ever lucky enough to be travelling to Indonesia or India, you can order a Jain meal (with rice instead of any wheat) and you have a lot of the FODMAPs covered, and the other ones are easier to exclude than garlic and onion at the table. To read more about Jain dietary restrictions here:

Jain Food

He also found out that “Jamu” is used as a healing tonic for stomach conditions, either fresh or as ground ginger and turmeric encapsulated in a wax coating. The sealed “capsule” is broken open and contents mixed with water to make a tonic. Ginger and turmeric are increasingly being shown to be beneficial for digestive health and overcoming gut pain. Read more here:


Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – November 2015

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