managing weight and FODMAPs

One of the questions I am invariably asked by those who need dietary assistance to manage IBS is whether they can try to lose weight at the same time. Less often, but still regularly, I get asked by clients how they can regain lost weight or avoid further weight loss while on a low FODMAP diet. The answer to both questions is YES. In my previous two posts, and in future posts, I am going to work through some examples and suggestions of how to do so.

In order to achieve a healthy weight (and ideal body composition) the principles for those who are above the healthy weight range, within the range or below the range are not that different. It is simply the portions and proportions from food and nutrient groups that need to differ for each person to achieve then maintain healthy weight.

Everyone needs to have a diet that is predominantly based on plant food (vegetables, fruit and wholegrains). Those who are above the healthy weight range might need to focus more on water based vegetables and fruits, with smaller grain food portions while those who are below the healthy weight range may need to consume more calorie dense fruits, starchy vegetables and larger grain portions. Lean meats and reduced fat dairy foods are recommended for everyone in modest to moderate portions, depending on weight status goals. The type of fats and oils that are healthy for people of any weight status are the same, but quantities vary depending on weight goals. I will use some examples from clients and dietitian colleagues to illustrate how to manage IBS while also aiming for your healthy weight.

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