FODMAP confusion

A low FODMAP diet does not need to be boring and bland, and it is not a life sentence. Following a low FODMAP diet is the evidence based FIRST STEP towards finding your own FODMAP threshold – how much FODMAP containing foods you can tolerate before symptoms are triggered.

While you are following the low FODMAP diet, you need all the tools and support you can muster to help stay on track until you are rewarded for your efforts. Your reward for replacing high FODMAP foods with low FODMAP foods will be less symptoms, and these may be noticeable even within the first week.

Stay tuned to our social media posts, blogs and tweets over the coming few days as Gut Feelings prepares to launch our new tool to help make following a low FODMAP diet a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – June 2015

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