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In my previous blog I talked with you about how a low FODMAP diet does not have to be gluten free.

When I was launching our revolutionary low FODMAP bread –  Better BellyTM Bread  this week I realised just how confusing this issue is to people who are trying to manage IBS in a world that seems to be progressively more ‘gluten free’.

I have been involved in the development of some grain based low FODMAP foods that are made from a range of low FODMAP grains, but are not “gluten free”. The first of these products was launched today in Forster on the east coast of Australia where I live.

Despite every effort to explain that this bread is revolutionary because it is made from low FODMAP ingredients, but is not gluten free, the magazine covering the launch titled their article ‘Gluten Free Bread’.

Not gluten free bread


Fortunately, our local “Butterfingers” bakery quickly assured customers that the Better BellyTM Bread is low in FODMAPs but not gluten free.

The good news is the bread was popular with 100 loaves selling out within a day. It was reassuring to know many IBS sufferers could enjoy the delicious bread without fear of bloating, gut pain or wind.

Two things struck me today. Firstly, the number of people wanting good quality low FODMAP foods is high. Secondly, despite the fact FODMAP awareness is increasing; there is still a long way to go for better understanding of the difference between low FODMAP and gluten free.

Just so you know, gluten is the protein part of wheat and FODMAPs are in the starchy part.

And the moral of the story is  – if you want to eat bread that does not bloat your tummy, make sure it is low in FODMAPs, but it does not have to be gluten free.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – April 2015


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