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Gut Biomediversity

Although we are yet to identify the perfect combination of ingredients to form a “recipe” for gut health, it is very clear that a diverse array of bugs in your gut is important. Diversity of gut bugs equals a better barrier between the outside and your insides which equals general health and resistance to diseases.

Here are the top 10 steps you can take to increase the array of bugs in your gut:

•  Eat as much FODMAP containing food as you can without getting bloated or windy!

•  Choose fermented foods that use salt and whey rather than “pickled” foods that contain vinegar.

•  Make or buy Kimchi to use as a condiment to add flavour to Asian foods instead of pickles.

•  Use Sauerkraut (not heat treated) instead of pickles as a condiment to add flavour to meals.

•  Ensure foods that advertise “live bacteria” contain over one billion CFU (coliform units) per serve.

•  For probiotic supplements, check that they contain least 8 (up to 15) healthy bacteria strains.

•  Aim to eat probiotic-rich food every day (1 billion CFU). Rotate between a small tub of yoghurt containing live bacteria; ½ cup milk kefir or water kefir; ¼ cup unpasteurised kimchi or sauerkraut; and also include some fermented soy bean (miso, tempeh) if possible.

•  Avoid unnecessary antibiotics.

•  If you do require antibiotics, continue to use a probiotic supplement, but take the probiotics several hours apart from antibiotics.

•  Learn more about fermenting foods. Seek out a local food fermenting course or expert in your local area or start online with Cultures for Health.

Blogged by Kerith Duncanson – April 2015


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