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3 Programs – FODMAP Package


A set of 12 simple, practical, short explanatory videos outlining how and why to make the suggested dietary changes. These videos are supported by downloadable resources which cover a multitude of topics relating to gut health that you can use and refer to throughout the Gut Feelings program.

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What to expect – at least 3 in 4 IBS sufferers respond to a low FODMAP diet, so you can expect your symptoms to be substantially reduced within the Low FODMAP Fortnight. If not, you can access our Skype service for more tailored and individualised advice.

What you do – watch a set of short videos that explain how to complete the Low FODMAP Fortnight, download or read the associated resources, document the food you eat and your symptoms for two weeks. You will then progress to the FODMAP Challenge program.

What you get – access to a set of 6 simple, practical, short explanatory videos outlining how and why to make the suggested dietary changes, along with downloadable resources to complement each video. Resources include a food and symptom diary, low and high FODMAP food list, weekly meal plans, a shopping guide, recipe modification resource and the FODMAP fortnight checklist.


What to expect – most IBS sufferers react to some FODMAPs more than others. You can expect to get symptoms from certain challenges but not from others, and for the degree of symptoms to vary. You can expect to have a much better understanding of your gut and feel more in control and confident in managing your IBS symptoms.

What you do – watch the challenge stage videos before commencing this stage. Prepare yourself by reading the challenge food list and purchasing challenge foods. Each challenge will take 3 – 4 days by the time you trial a small load of challenge food, a larger load of the same food, and then have a few days between challenges. For the best results, you will continue with your food and symptoms diary in the challenge phase.

What you get – access to 3 short, explanatory videos talking you through the information you need to complete the challenges correctly. These videos are supported by downloadable resources that you can use to refer to throughout the challenge stage. Resources include the challenge food list, food and symptom diary, and “where to from here” resource to help you transition to the FODMAP Threshold.


What to expect – after a month or so of restricting and challenging, you can expect to liberalise your diet but remain symptom free. This is your chance to improve your gut health and actually overcome IBS, not just manage your symptoms.

What you do – browse through the resources and explore those that are relevant to you. Click on links that take you to other more advanced and detailed information on topics that are of particular interest to you. Download copies of additional resources that could be useful to you in the future.

What you get – access to 3 short, motivating explanatory videos and supporting downloadable resources that cover a multitude of topics that relate to gut health. Topics include:  how to improve your gut bacteria using prebiotics and probiotics; stress management and physical activity.

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